Recent Why SERVPRO Before & After Photos

When Done Correctly, HVAC Cleaning is a Very Beneficial.

As members of the National Air Duct Cleaning Association, we understand that air ducts are truly the unsung heroes in our homes. You never see them and you neve... READ MORE

All-day Wear Liquid Eyeliner Stain on Rug

This before picture shows a stain, from a liquid eyeliner pen breaking on this light gray, living room rug. The owner was upset because the black eyeliner was a... READ MORE

Rock Wall Stones Saved!

A residential home had extensive water damage. It went undiscovered, which lead to mildew growth and some microbial growth. The home had a rock wall in their tr... READ MORE

More than Fire & Water

Many of our jobs are not just because of fire and water damage. As you can tell from these photos we help with remodeling and construction clean up! This custom... READ MORE

The Customers Vision

There's always a need to make an unfortunate situation into a positive one. A summer home had a water leak during the winter months, which wasn't discovered til... READ MORE

Dental Alligator Saved After Fire

This little alligator has brought lots of joy and laughter to children that visited a dentist office that had a fire. Looking at the before picture you can see ... READ MORE


This is an item or content taken from a fire in Shell Rock, IA. The fire was a result of a candle catching the house on fire. This family called SERVPRO of Maso... READ MORE