Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Heavy rain fall causing basement to flood

The amount of rain that fell in this Northern Iowa town was something we don't see often. 9 inches of rain fell in a short 30-minute time span. When rain falls ... READ MORE

Creek Flooded Basement

Due to large amounts of rain a creek near by flooded this basement. With the amount of rain the creek was rising way to fast and caused this basement to have ov... READ MORE

Massive Snow Storms Leaves Behind Melting Snow Problems

This past winter, was one like we haven't seen in Northern Iowa, for quite sometime. This home experienced a problem that a lot of homes ran into at the end of ... READ MORE

Tornado Causes Blown Out Windows

This church was hit by the high winds of a tornado with golf ball size hail. As you can see all the windows in this church were blown out by the tornado or brok... READ MORE

Strong Wind Storms

Spring time storms in the Midwest come along with high winds that can cause a lot of damage. This home had multiple large branches fall onto the roof during the... READ MORE

Severe Storm

These photos are from storms that affected Cerro Gordo county and the surrounding areas over Memorial weekend. To paint a better picture for you there were win... READ MORE