Recent Before & After Photos

Restored Memories

A fire in Mason City, IA we are currently working on is total loss. Home owner was positive most all pictures, cards, writings, and all of his music were lost f... READ MORE

Stain Removal

The water loss started with water coming in from under the walls at a home in Charles City, IA. From the before picture you can see the home owners tried drying... READ MORE

Copper Water Pipe to Refrigerator Leak

These ceiling pictures are taken in Mason City, IA. The part of the ceiling removed is directly below where the refrigerator is located on the main level. Withi... READ MORE

Water Pipe Broke in Clarion, IA

These images are from a broken water pipe of a vacation home in Clarion, IA.  The home owner was in a town near by and realized he didn't have enough chair... READ MORE

Mold Remediation in basement

This is a mold remediation which took place in a home of Dows, IA.  The room is an area of the basement that isn't often used. As the home owner entered th... READ MORE


These photos are from a house fire in Mason City IA. Where an electrical fire broke out causing significant soot and smoke damage.  There was also ser... READ MORE